Columbus Ohio Maternity Photographer

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Maternity photo shoots are a beautiful way to capture the glow and excitement of this special time in your life. Let’s create stunning images that you will cherish forever.

At my studio, we offer a glamorous maternity style that is soft and dreamy with flowy fabrics. I want you to finally be on the other side of the camera and be the queen you were meant to feel like.

We also specialize in modern, editorial styles that you may expect to replicate from magazine covers. The bold, moody lighting and elegant poses creates a regal gallery.

From intimate close-ups to creative compositions that expertly showcase your bump, I aim to create a diverse gallery!

It all begins with a little miracle growing within you. The excitement of realizing that the news is real and you are going to be on a journey of a lifetime.

There is no greater joy then watching your amazing body grow a little human. The first kicks, the nonstop bathroom trips, and all the sleepless nights are all worth the journey. It may seem as though time is standing still but you will be holding your little miracle quicker than you know. 

That’s why its so important to preserve the moment, not only for you but for your little one, so you have something to pass onto them. I was the last of 5 children and by the time I came around there is only one memory of my mom being pregnant with me. I cherish that one photo.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to do the same.

Capture the beauty of the outdoors.

Make a statement indoors.


We offer a truly unique experience to moms of the greater Columbus OH area! You won’t be able to find settings like this near Columbus for your maternity session!



Depending on the season, our maternity clients are able to take advantage of our fine-art style inside the studio and outdoors around our Glenford Ohio farm. This will truly be a maternity photo session like no other! Amazing memories are made on the farm – don’t be alarmed if a cute animal sneaks its way in to your maternity session.

Columbus OH maternity sessions take place between 30 and 34 weeks. You are encouraged to reach out as soon as possible to guarantee your spot as our client.

Maternity Photographer Columbus Ohio

Are you Ready to plan your maternity photo session?

Frequently Asked Questions

When should i book my session?

The best time to book your maternity photos with our maternity portrait studio, to ensure availability, is between 12-20 weeks in term. Our studio is typically fully booked 2-4 months in advance.

Please reach out for last-minute inquiries, as we do occasionally have last-minute availability.

When will maternity photos take place?

At Whispy Shades Photography, our maternity photos take place between 30-34 weeks in term but you will need to book before 20 weeks in term to ensure a slot on the calendar.

If the pregnancy is with multiples the session will take place between 28-30 weeks in term. Please reach out for last-minute openings, as we can usually accommodate them.

Do we have to bring anything to our photo shoot?

The only items you need to bring to your maternity photoshoot with Whispy Shades Photography are a nude seamless thong and a nude strapless bra if yours still fits.

We keep a fully stocked studio with a wide range of dress styles. We have dresses ranging from well fitting to dramatic, couture, bodysuits, chest pieces, and more – we have it all.

All photos shown on our website are items from the client closet.

Can I include my family or partner in my maternity photo shoot?

Yes, you can include your immediate family for no additional cost. We include 2-3 different looks with your partner or family.