You have finally started feeling better after months of morning sickness. If this is your second of third pregnancy, you are more than likely starting to show. if it’s your first you probably aren’t, but feel like you are. Regardless, you are going to need some cute new clothes to fit this change that is here or coming. I found it so hard to find stores that had cute clothes or things that fit well. So of course I went to online stores. The best ones that I found were, Pink Blush, Amazon ( believe it or not), Baltic Born (they had cute little dresses that worked for maternity), obviously Motherhood Maternity, Posh (if you are into used clothing) and Old Navy. There a ton more, but that is just to name a few. These places had great shirts. Pants are another story, I lived in leggings. I found fabulous ones on Amazon and they were great quality. I actually am still wearing a few postpartum. Who wants to be stuffed into jeans when you are feeling a little puffy!!

I never understood why our everyday stores do not carry more maternity clothing. I mean women are everywhere and baby bumps are everywhere! I have always wanted to start a store that had “normal” long maternity shirts and maternity pants that actually fit and didn’t fall down. Watch out, side gig might be coming!