Sunset Sunflower Family Photo Sessions


Sunflower sessions are approaching soon here at Columbus Ohio Family Photography. The seeds are in the ground, the weather has been great, and they have started sprouting. The sunflowers are planted right in front of my studio in a field. No need to organize a meet up at a different location. This will be the third year that they are at my location.

These sessions are the best. They are a carefree, let the kids run free, type of sessions. I want organic moments. I want to capture you and your family exactly the way you are. I want those intimate moments, the kids hair blowing in the wind as they run through the rows of flower, putting flowers in your little girls hair, and your son brings you a bouquet. The laughter you can hear when you look back on the portraits. Nothing is more genuine, then when you look at the moments we captured, and the laughter from everyone comes flooding back to your ears and brings you back to that moment.