The smile from a newborn, melts my heart every time. Normally I am adjusting them or changing sets and miss them. I was so happy at this session, I caught this one. It was so perfect and he even chuckled.

When you come to your session sometimes I ask for your help for safety reasons. My number one priority is the safety of your newborn baby. If I need to step away of get something, I will ask a parent to stand by and keep their hands close. You can never be too safe with babies. Especially with newborn photography. I am safety trained to be watchful and recognize if a pose isn’t safe for the baby. Or if the baby is uncomfortable.

Sometimes certain poses don’t work with some babies. And that is perfectly ok! Every baby is so unique and has it’s own likes and dislikes. That is why you hire a professionally trained newborn photographer. I like to do a consultation first to make sure we are a good fit. I want you to feel comfortable with me and trust me with you most precious little one. I will be handling them for 2-3 hours. If you are not comfortable with the photographer you choose, make sure you speak up. It is your baby they are handling and you should never feel uneasy. Trust your instincts.

This guys parents were so easy going, they let me have full range of the colors for his session. I love when parents trust me with that decision. I have specific coordinating sets for each color. You are always welcome to let me know what colors you prefer or what colors you do not want. I want the colors to coordinate with your home. You will be hanging these in your house or in the nursery and I want them to be perfect.

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