As I think about a year ago….it brings back so many memories. As most of you know and the few that don’t, I had our fifth child in the comfort of our home. This was my fifth homebirth. I have never really talked about my births as I thought no one really would read it. But I am always so intrigued by hearing the birth stories of my newborn clients that come to get a session. So here I am opening up to tell you about my last home birth. I realize homebirths are not for everyone, and everyone should do what they feel comfortable with. I will always recommend at least researching the statistics and finding an awesome midwife. I can not say enough great things about my midwife. She is not just a midwife, she becomes your friend. She became that person that would text you and check on you if you had a concern. She is the person that returns your calls almost immediately unless she is at another birth. That is one HUGE difference that I have found when talking to other moms about their hospital and doctor experience. I need someone who cares about me and makes me feel that way.

Anyways, I always go close to two weeks over with every single birth I have had. I secretly dreamed of going a few weeks early….but my husband quickly reminds me….that it ain’t happening. So about 1.5 weeks over my “due date” I always get the repeated questions, “Aren’t you worried?” “Aren’t you going to get induced?” “Isn’t the baby getting too big?” “Are you having twins?” My answer is always no. (Side story real quick, for those of you that don’t know. I grew up on a dairy farm and that was my job. I grew up helping and watching my Dad deliver calves. So maybe my mindset is a little different than some. But we never call the vet to “induce” our cows…We never assume that a calf is getting too big, lets’s hurry this along…so why are we as mammals any different? Sure sometimes a problem arises and we need to call for help or ask for an opinion. But that is very few and far between.) Ok… Back to the birth…At 42 weeks and 2 days, on January 6, 2021, my water broke around 3 am. I knew this was it. I always get a flood of emotions as to whether I can really do this. Questioning everything I already knew the answer to. So I wake Victor up, (my husband) and let him know it’s the baby day. I always hop in the shower to see if things are gonna keep going or tamper off. And well, it was kind of sporadic, so I didn’t bother my midwife yet. I waited until about 6 am to call her and let her know my contractions were picking up, but I wasn’t sure if it was really labor. I always had the fear that I would have her drive out and waste her time if everything stopped. I normally go pretty quick, so she headed out right away.

My midwife and her assistant, whom I really cared for as well. Showed up, listened to baby, and started to set things up. I always have my babies in the water. So Victor was filling that up and they were setting everything else up and then they leave me to labor and be in my own world until I needed them. I didn’t get checked a million times as you do at the hospital, there was no nagging to hurry up…this was on me and my babi’s time. My body knew what it needed to do and so did my baby. So when it went time ready to push, I got into the water, which was barely filled up in time….forgot to call my birth photographer….(which I would recommend to everyone. it is one of the most treasured photos I have ever had, so if you are thinking of hiring a birth photographer, just do it. You won’t regret it I promise. You are so into doing what you need to do, you forget about everyone around you) I pushed for maybe 15-20 minutes, and we got to see HE was a boy! We never find out what gender is, so it is always that big push to…get….that…baby..out…because I’m so excited to see what it is. Thatcher Stone was born around 9:30 am. He was so perfect and so healthy. That first eye contact melts my heart. There is always a big relief that I am done…all but the placenta. I did this, I grew this baby. It’s so amazing.

Now it’s not always perfect and cute butterflies. With this baby, we did have trouble with the placenta, (which is rare) and I did end up having to be transferred to the hospital because of a retained placenta. Which I have never had to go anywhere after my birth. So that kind of threw me for a loop. I won’t go into too much detail…but the hospital experience isn’t for me. I had to leave my brand new baby at home as I was whisked away in an ambulance. The bumpiest ride I have ever been in. I felt so car sick on top of continued contractions that my body was trying to expel the placenta out. It was attached at the fonts, (i think that’s right) which is at the very top in a little “dent” and that is where your uterus clamps down first to get the placenta detached. So it actually grabbed a hold of it and wouldn’t let that part go. So I continued to bleed everywhere because my uterus couldn’t be contracted down.. But anyways… I’m so blessed that the hospital was there for me and helped me. I did get asked several times if I would do a home birth again, and I said for sure 100% I would. The experience just is like no other. It’s so intimate and you really are on your own time. As long as everyone is healthy and you check out well, there is no need to rush the birth of a baby.